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God In My Room Like In Eden

By Praise Malinga

God in my room like in Eden is a book that was inspired by the visitation of God the Holy Spirit and Angels to Praise Malinga's room in 2009.

He explain the experience and what people need to know about God and Jesus Christ...

Beauty has neither color nor size
By Praise Malinga
This book will enable you to succeed in all you do by first understanding the real you and your value. Most people are their own enemies unaware.

How you think about yourself will affect everything...

Breaking the cycle of abuse

By Praise Malinga

Abuse is the cause of many crimes and broken families. We all have a part to play in breaking it. Is amazing that many people are perpetrators of abuse unaware and many are victims unaware.

This book must be in schools...


Expensive ink of tears

By Praise Malinga

A novel about a young girl who faced extremely challenging situations that are beyond. She documented some of her experiences which are the words written in this book.

You may think you have difficulties until you read...


about Rev. Praise

Reverent Praise Malinga

He is a born anew (known as born again) believer who is fully dedicated to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He studied for ministry in International School Of Ministry (ISM) with Reverent Chris Oyakhilome...

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Rev. praise malinga and god forever with us ministries international giving to the community

Loving each other

Jumbo colour free clothes is a special programme designed to cater for the needy. We have special gifted and talented people around us yet they are mostly hidden by poverty in front of them. We can teach them to discover their abilities while we help them with their needs...

rev. praise malinga on kempton express


Kempton Express cover his book titled 'Breaking the cycle of abuse'. Emails were coming hourly requesting for the book. Praise says he desire that the department of education may involve this book in their curriculum...

Praisem radio

Online Radio

Rev. Praise Malinga is the founder of PraiseM Radio. A christian online radio station that prepare people for the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. He believes that rapture is very close and the church must be prepared for it. Anyone can have his ministry on the radio station for free as long as they meet the requirements of the bible based church...

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